Often in business we are too close to the everyday activities that we can’t always see that things aren’t working as they should. Sometimes you may just have a feeling that there are issues around wasted time, wasted resources or wasted materials, but you don’t have the tools to analyse what’s really wrong. It may be that you are about to take on a big new project and want to make sure you work in the most efficient way to maximise your profits.

Our experts are here to help. We will thoroughly analyse your business or project often with “shop floor” observation to truly understand where any weaknesses exist and then show you how to address this. A number of techniques are utilised to achieve this and our aim is to leave a legacy of cultural change often via training that will enable you and your staff to continue with systems we’ll have helped establish for you.

Twice as many mentored businesses reported an increase in turnover (44%), than non-mentored counterparts (23%). Similarly twice as many mentored businesses had hired more staff (10%), than non-mentored businesses (5%).

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